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Super Glue - Permabond All Purpose Superglue - 28.4 grams

$18.95 Reg.
$16.95 SALE

Permabond® 102 All Purpose Super Glue

Bonds plastic, metal, ceramic, rubber, glass, and wood
All purpose superglue; Industrial grade adhesive
Cyanoacrylate adhesive
Temperature range: -60 to 82 C (-80 to 180 F)
Set time: 10 sec
Large 1 oz bottle = 28.4 grams = over 14 tubes of Krazy Glue® (2 grams each)

Tired of crazy glue drying out after just a few uses? Save time and money, buy one bottle of industrial grade super glue. Permabond super glue won't dry up in the bottle for years and has an air-tight no-clog top. Please see our Free Info page for information on how to properly store Permabond 102 super glue to get maximum shelf-life. Use to:

  • Repair shoes, sneakers, and sandals
  • Bond table leg end-caps, shower rods, and toys
  • Fix statues, vases, mugs, and plates
  • Make mosaic tile table-tops
  • Fix car trim and rain guards
Use Permabond super glue in the bathroom, kitchen, and garage. The applications are limited to your imagination. Be a problem-solver; fix broken or loose household items quickly and easily. Permabond super glue adhesive is a must-have household and workshop item. If you still think krazy glue is better, return your Permabond Super Glue within 30 days to receive a refund.


  • Large 28.4 gram bottle
  • Non-clogging, no-mess applicator; Simply unscrew top!
  • Permabond 102 super glue won't dry up in the bottle for years
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$18.95 Reg.
$16.95 SALE


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