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Metal Glue - Permabond 910 Metal Glue

$19.95 Reg.
$17.95 SALE

Permabond Metal Glue

910 Grade Methyl Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Includes: 1 - 28.4 gram (1 oz) bottle

Other metal glues dry out after just a few uses. Permabond 910 Metal Glue will save you money because Permabond Metal Glue will not dry up in the bottle for up to 2 years, and has an air-tight non-clogging applicator built-in.
Superior for industrial use to bond metals. Household uses include any metal parts that need joining. Use Permabond Metal Glue in the bathroom, kithen, and garage. Bond metal radiator covers, picture frames, light fixtures, shower/curtain rods, and toys. The applications are limited to your imagination. This metal adhesive is a must-have household and workshop item. Become a problem-solver to fix broken or loose metal household items. If you still think your other metal adhesive is a better metal glue, return your Permabond Metal Glue within 30 days and receive a refund.
Use 910 Metal Glue with spray-on Permabond QFS16 Cyanoacrylate Activator to bond wood, delrin, nylon, fabrics, and porous materials! Please see our Free Info page for information on how to properly store Metal Glue to get maximum shelf-life.


  • Non-clog, No-mess Applicator Built-In
  • Won't dry up in the bottle for years
  • Engineered Specifically for Metal Bonding


Temperature Range -80 to 190 F (-60 to 88 C)
Color Colorless to Slightly Cloudy
Viscosity (@ 25 C) 65 - 125 cP
Set Time 10 sec

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$19.95 Reg.
$17.95 SALE


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